Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ironing Board Makeover

Before I get too busy with my internship, I wanted share with you a project I finished a few weeks ago.  

My very kind room-mate let me take over her ironing board with all of my sewing projects for the last 2 years.  After hours and hours of fusing interfacing to fabric, the resulting damage to the ironing board cover was... yuck.  

Sooooooo... I used The Stitchin' Chicken's ironing board cover tutorial which you can find here.  

It was super easy & came together very quickly!  

Monday, March 28, 2011


Wow, it has been a while.   So much has happened recently I don't know where to start!  

But we'll start here I guess.

I moved to San Diego.  Yesterday!  That's another prompted some very fine people to celebrate with me before I left Fort Collins.  

The gals at Mama Said Sew were so sweet to throw me a wonderful dinner 
at what I thought was going to be a low-key crafty night.  

...the delicious cake Susan made!

....just a few of the crafty things I was gifted at the dinner.  An awesome beach bag the girls made, a great knitting bag my friend Tara of Tinkerfrog made, and a yard of Liberty of London fabric.  How lucky am I???

My long-time friends of Boomer Music also threw me a shin-dig, and my very talented friend Nicole made this awesome cake, complete with little gnome friends!  

Thanks friends, for the great send-off!  I will update soon with my adventures in San Diego!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fishy Fishy! (part 2)

Looks like the cat likes it!  It went to a good home...

Fishy Fishy!

That's right.  It's done!  
The cat bed in the shape of a fish.  

And let me tell you......never again!!!

Ok, it wasn't all bad.  
Turns out, it's the perfect size for your head.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yarn Over

Ok...soooooo....this wasn't on the list.  
But plans change.  

I needed a project that was mindless...and portable.  My knitting project doesn't really fit that description at the moment, so I picked up some sale yarn & started crocheting these cute little hearts.  (find the free pattern here

Adorable....if I do say so myself.  

"What's it for?" roommate said....
"Stress relief."

And so it is.