Monday, February 28, 2011

Pattern Review: Folklore Bag

I've made the Folklore Bag from One-Yard Wonders a few times now, and I love love love it!  

 But I can't say I love how the pattern is laid out.  So, I thought I'd share a few tips with anyone who is thinking of making this cute bag, and hopefully I will save you some time & frustration!  

1.  I've found with a lot of  craft books & magazines, there are bound to be pattern corrections.  You can find a pattern correction for this bag here, under "Folklore Bag."  Basically, you need to move the outer pleat markings for the bag front/back farther to each edge 1/2", so there is 1-1/8" between each set of pleat markings.  

2.  When the publishers fixed the pleats, they forgot to fix the size of the Top Band.  From the written pattern piece, I cut just inside the seam allowance on either narrow end, so the straight edge measures 13".
3.  Don't bother topstitching around the side/bottom as they tell you to do in step 4, unless you really feel like doing extra work.  I can see how it would reinforce the seams if it was a big bag, but I don't think anyone will be carrying bricks in this little purse.  

4.  When attaching the Top Band to the bag (step 6), they tell you to press the bottom raw edge under 1/2", position the band over the bag with the pieces overlapping 1/2", and then topstitch.  WHAT???  It would be impossible to preserve that bottom curve, which is really a nice detail of the bag.  Also, such a pain to pin in place! Instead, this is what I did:  
*Pin 2 top band pieces right sides together.  Stitch both short sides to make a circular band. 
*Line up the bottom raw edge of the top band with the raw edge of the exterior bag, centering the top band's seams on each side.  Right sides should be facing.  Pin and stitch 1/2" around the edge.  
*Flip the top band upwards, press seam allowances up toward the band, and edgestitch along the bottom edge of the band, making sure you preserve the curved edge.  
*Do the same for the lining.

5.  For the straps, they tell you to press under both long edges 1/2", fold in half lengthwise, and edgestitch (step 8).  I suggest doing this instead:
*Fold strap in half lengthwise, right sides together.  Stitch 1/2" seam from the raw edges.  Turn right side out.  Press.  Edgestitch each length of the strap.  

And voila!  A much easier Folklore Bag!  I hope this helps!


  1. You are so creative and smart and I will miss your face in Boomer's. I know you are getting ready to head to San Diego - good luck! You'll be wonderful! Karen

  2. These are great tips! I just finished my 1st Folklore bag today and noticed some things just didn't add up - I thought maybe I miscut the fabric or pattern pieces. I will definitely print these tips for when I make it again. It is such a cute bag and just the right size. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks! I really hope they help. This is my first Pattern Review so if you have any suggestions let me know :)

  4. Thank you!! I just cut the pieces for this today. You've saved me some heartache as I cut it from a beloved piece of fabric.