Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get Your Craft On

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is to keep myself excited about crafting.  I'm moving soon to sunny San Diego for a really amazing Music Therapy internship.  It'll be a lot of work and a lot of fun but....I need to make sure I make time for sewing, which in the past year or so I've found to be a great creative outlet for me.

Here are the things I'd like to get done before loading up my life in a tiny little car and driving 3 states away:

1.  Finish up a custom item for my coworker.  (Sorry, Nicole...this has taken me forever!)
2.  Stitch up the BF's Valentine's gift.  I'm cuttin' it close.  It may or may not involve gnomes...
3.  Add 5 items to my Etsy shop.  There are none.   This is sad.
4.  Did I mention finish some custom work for Nicole???  It has taken me months!  To be fair, it is for her cat.  I don't like cats.  But I do like Nicole.
5.  Finish my Amy Butler Sophia Carry-all bag!  I'm using Moda's It's a Hoot twill in cherry.
    Its A Hoot  Tonal Cherry
6.  Make some custom headbands. 

7.  Make some more headbands to sell in San Diego.  (hey, look!  They're reversible!)

8.  Make this awesome Built By Wendy Top- Simplicity #3964!
photo belongs to Built By Wendy
9.  Try Anna Maria Horner's newest free pattern- the Flirting the Issue Skirt, which I have been anxiously awaiting for's the perfect excuse to get some of her voile!
photo belongs to Anna Maria Horner
you can find the pattern here
10.  Most importantly, cuddle with my mom.
11.  Oh yeah, read and practice pretty much everyday before my internship.  Best get started...

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