Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The One Hour Couch Throw

I got this great piece of vintage fabric at Mama Said Sew & it was just screaming 
to be made into a throw for my new sofa!  For the back, I used 
some black and white ticking that was on super-sale, 
so the cost of this project was only about $10.

Here's a quick tutorial great for beginner sewers!

1.  Cut your two pieces of fabric to equal sizes of rectangles.  
The size of my fabric was about 50" X 60".
2.  Place the two rectangles right sides together, and pin each side.  
Stitch around the edges, leaving about 6" open for turning.  
3.  Clip corners, turn right side out, and press the edges flat.  
4.  Hand stitch the opening closed.  
5.  Stitch 1.5" from the edges to tack down the edges.   

It's that easy!  You could even use fleece for one side to make it extra cozy.  

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