Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today, I made my bed.

Today, I made my bed.  This doesn't happen often, people.  

But I am so smitten with my new pillowcases I just had to show them off!

I used an adorable deer print fabric from Sarah Watts' new collection, Timber and Leaf.  
The band is a Denyse Schmidt print I bought ages ago with pillowcases in mind. 
I'm so pleased with the result!  I'm certain sleeping on such cute pillows will make me dream 
of cute woodland creatures prancing through the forest. I'll let you know if that works out...

Have you chosen any projects for this amazing new fabric collection?  
I'd love suggestions for this cute fox print!


  1. I love how you coordinated all the fabric. The prints are just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Sabrina! I had been racking my brain for an excuse to get some of this fabric, it was a happy accident that it matches my bedspread!

  2. I love Sarah Watts timber and leaf so much that I am afraid to cut into it... but a pillow case- grand idea!